Opus 1911 Music Studio

The Cello and Chamber Music Teaching Studio of Tom Rosenberg

Saint Paul, Minnesota


I challenge all of my students to reach their potential as instrumentalists, artists, and citizens. As a former Masters degree student of and teaching assistant to renowned cellists Paul Katz and Laurence Lesser as well as doing my undergraduate studies with Richard Kapuscinski, I carry forward not only their expertise and traditions, but also that of their mentors: Leonard Rose and Gregor Piatagorsky.  My chamber music teachers (Juilliard, Guarneri, Cleveland Tokyo and Budapest Quartets) also taught me to think critically and passionately while striving to perfect the art of ensemble playing.  I try to instill into all of my students both the technique to succeed and the artistry to excel.  With over thirty years of experience, countless students have attended the nation’s top music schools and continued on to careers in music.  I also recognize that a career in music is not for everyone, and so even more countless students have pursued other career paths while maintaining their love of cello and/or chamber music.

Teaching Tradition, Artistry, Technique, Commitment, Citizenship